SAVE THE DATE – Film Release 11/24/16

SAVE THE DATE – Film Release 11/24/16

SAVE THE DATE – Film Release 11/24/16

Photo Credit: Emily Thomas
Photo Credit: Emily Thomas

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Have you ever wanted to try something but thought it was impossible? Has anyone else ever told you that you couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to do something? Have you ever doubted your own abilities? Has an unexpected life event placed seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your way? Without hesitation, throughout my lifetime I could answer yes to every one of these questions.

Can you think of a time when you accomplished something you didn’t think you could do? How did that feel? What was your motivation to challenge yourself? What new doors of possibility did that experience open for you that you may not have discovered had you not pushed through some perceived limitation?

The power of the human spirit and the potential we all have within us is absolutely amazing. There are countless stories of seemingly ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats, only to see others following in their footsteps doing it more or greater. This is the process of evolution, progression, and discovery that provides such great examples of the limitless possibilities that exist for all of us.

Joe in pool
Joe Stone – swim training

One such story is that of Joe Stone and Amy Rosendahl and the incredible journey they found themselves on after their worlds were literally turned upside down in August 2010. This is the story that is told in our documentary It’s Raining, So What. It is our vision and greatest hope that this special film will entertain you and touch you in a way that sparks curiosity within you and inspires you to challenge what may be perceived limitations standing in the way of your greatest potential and fulfillment in life.

Hi-Fly'n Productions Edit Suite

After almost 4 years in the making, hundreds of hours of footage, over 2500 hours of production and post production time, and the tireless, passionate and enthusiastic participation of so many people along the way, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the official release of our film, It’s Raining, So What!

Joe, Amy, I and the entire production team are so grateful for all the amazing encouragement and support we have received throughout this experience and we all mutually decided we wanted to give back by sharing this film with all of you throughout the world free of charge and accessible by streaming online.

IRSW Movie Poster_PremiereTo do this we thought it would be fitting to present the online World Premiere of It’s Raining, So What on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016. The film will be made available starting at 6:00 am eastern time and will be available free of charge for 10 days, through midnight December 3, 2016.

Reserve your virtual seat now by signing up today on our website ( By doing so, you will be receiving some very special exclusive previews, bonus features, and be able to participate in fun contests with some cool thank you gifts we will be giving away in the weeks leading up to the release.

Additionally, we will be announcing more about how you can get your own copy of the film on DVD, host a screening for your group or organization, bring the film to a theater near you, and have Joe speak live at your event.

Help us spread the word! Our greatest dream is to share this film with as many people around the world as we possibly can in order to have the greatest impact! You can be a part of this movement by sharing this announcement with everyone you know.

Here’s how you can help:

Sign up on the website so we can stay in touch and share cool stuff with you.

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– Email us at if you would like information on hosting a screening, having Joe Stone speak and/or provide an adapted recreation clinic for your group

– Tell anyone you know who might enjoy this film to sign up for the free online screening.

We have some fun things in store for you over the next 3 months so get ready and watch your email and our social media channels!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Kevin, Joe, Amy, and the entire It’s Raining, So What production team.

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